Subwoofer Company Positioning Itself Well for Automated Cars

Creating sensors puts foot in door for standardizing company’s speakers

The autonomous vehicle is coming, but as of now the time it will be a regular item is unknown. And one interested US-based company called Velodyne Acoustics is very interested in the future. While it may seem peculiar that a company with “acoustic” in its title may seem odd, given it is a company that works on high-end subwoofers, the interest does make sense.

Velodyne’s placing at the CES extends beyond its positioning with its LiDAR-Equipped car. But that system is clearly the most exciting new system for cars.

Velodyne is known well for its high-def LiDAR sensors for vehicle use. The company’s real-time HDL 3D LiDAR sensor is used for assisting the autonomous driving systems. The company also created the DARPA Grand Challenge that optimizes the self-driving system for all vehicles equipped.

The new system has now been showcased with the Ford Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle with 4x Velodyne HDL-32Es equipped to the roof of the car. The sensor provides a 360 degree view that holds the best quality of any such device to date.

The Velodyne sensors are used by nearly every car that is looking to be within the business. And for those that think it still does not explain why a subwoofer system would be so involved in the auto-car industry, consider this: When autonomous cars are a regular sight on the roads, those within the vehicles will need to occupy their time with something. And most individuals who are stuck in what amounts to a mobile bed will likely entertain themselves with movies, music, and games.

So Velodyne is positioned greatly to assist care companies with sensory systems, and then place their own high-end speakers into the vehicles. Because of this, the focus on the sensory system may parlay into one of the more intelligent auto-industry maneuvers to date.


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