Neurostimulation Finding Success for Some Chronic Pain Patients

Those with lower-limb pain who cannot find success through alternatives

While there is no secret that chronic pain is a problem, the growth of the phenomenons of such pain has continued to rise in the United States. Chronic pain patients are seen every single day by physicians who can often do little more than dull pains as best they can.

Chronic pain is defined by any pain that lasts longer than six months after an injury has healed, and it is estimated that nearly 100 million individuals who call the United States home suffer from some form of the pain.

The pain that is being discussed is the kind that can interfere with a productive and healthy personal and social life, as well as work life. Many patients seek long-term solutions that simply do not exist yet.

Neuropathic pain is a common sort of pain that is quite often seen after surgery due to nerve damage. This is especially true for those with limb damage or amputation. Up to 35% of patients who have had hernia surgery, and another 50 to 80% are forced to undergo amputations experience such pains. Neuropathic pain is quite difficult to treat, and while strong opioids have had some success, the addictive qualities of such medications make it an unwanted option for many.

Because of this, neurostimulation has been a more welcome alternative. The practice uses pulses into the leads of the body. It is utilized in the abdominal wall or buttock and is handled via an external remote for treatment.

Patients who are to utilize the practice to treat chronic pains. Individuals must be between the ages of 22 and 75, and have a proven chronic pain in lower limbs for more than six months. Those who have such pains must have sought out other treatments prior to trying the neurostimulation, and have not already received a spinal cord stimulation for such chronic pain.


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