Researchers Look at Yoga to Help Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Yoga group with affliction see positive results across board

There are many out in the world who suffer from a daily dose of chronic pain, and one of the ore consistent forms of pain for sufferers is fibromyalgia. Patients of the affliction were researched at the Oregon Health and Science University, and studies are indicating that the practice of Hatha Yoga, when combined with meditation and breathing exercises have seen positive results.

Along with some basic development of coping skills, the severity of widespread pain associated with the fibromyalgia was found to be downgraded or removed, depending on the individual.

The affliction’s genesis is still not totally known, many experts note that it is mostly a psychological factor that brings the fibromyalgia. The most commonly used characterization of it is the feeling of muscle pain and fatigue. Other symptoms that are often characterized when describing the affliction is morning stiffness, general tingling or numbness in the extremities, memory and head-pain problems.

The affliction is also found in women over men by 900% in its consistency. A new study of 53 women who were previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia were divided into groups. One group worked on the yoga and medication exercises. While the other group were the control group, and received typical treatment in the form of medication. The yoga group did still receive medication as well for consistency.

After the eight-week stint, pain in the yoga group was reported to be reduced by nearly a quarter. Fatigue was reduced by nearly a third. But depression saw the largest change, with over 40% reporting a lessening of the mental affliction.

Hatha yoga was chosen as the best form for the test as it is easily adaptable to the available movements and capabilities of the individual practicing it. The regular practice of which improves both movement and mobility in almost all individuals. Stiffness in joints is also reduced.


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