Electronic Cigarette Trial Highlights the Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Reduced Health Risks and Increased Cost Savings Are Just Two of These Benefits

According to figures gathered by Statistic Brain, the electronic cigarette market reached $500 million in 2012 and was expected to make a projected $1 billion in 2013. Consumers who have yet to try nicotine electronic cigarettes should do so as there are numerous benefits associated with making the switch. “With the help of electronic cigarette coupons offered at Electronic Cigarette Trial (www.electroniccigarettetrial.com), doing so doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” Andrew Spark of Electronic Cigarette Trial declares.

Smoking relieves stress, as many studies have shown, and a lot of users love the taste of a tobacco cigarette. Others, however, wish to kick the tobacco habit, yet find they are unable to do so as they have become accustomed to the behaviors associated with smoking. “Thanks to no nicotine electronic cigarettes, those who fall into the third group have an option when they wish to break their tobacco habit, one that does not involve nicotine. The smoker still engages in many of the behaviors associated with smoking, yet isn’t taking in the nicotine and carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes,” Spark explains.

Quitting cold turkey rarely works for smokers, with less than ten percent actually succeeding, even those using non-nicotine medications or other smoking cessation devices. “Studies, such as one conducted at the University of Catania in Italy, find that a higher percentage of smokers kick the habit when electronic cigarettes are used, and those who are unable to completely quit reduce their cigarette consumption by 50 percent or more when the electronic devices are used. Making the switch could increase life expectancy of smokers by ten years or more, thanks to the reduced risk of cancer along with heart and lung disease,” Spark goes on to say.

Some wish to continue ingesting nicotine and choose to use electronic cigarettes in those situations where tobacco versions are banned, such as in many restaurants and bars across the country. This option remains available also and electronic cigarette coupons help to keep costs under control. “Anyone who finds they are unable to smoke in one or more preferred locations may wish to try an electronic cigarette. With many to select from, finding one that meets the needs of each smoker has now become easier than ever,” Spark continues.

Visit Electronic Cigarette Trial to learn more about these devices and how they help users reduce or eliminate their tobacco habit completely. “Smoking continues to be an enjoyable habit for many, yet the health risks associated with tobacco smoke are severe. Electronic cigarettes reduce these risks and help those who wish to kick the tobacco habit once and for all so it’s an option everyone who currently smokes should consider,” Sparks professes.

About Electronic Cigarette Trial

Electronic Cigarette Trial understands many are choosing to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic counterparts, and others are supplementing their tobacco use with these devices, thanks in large part to regulations put into place concerning the use of tobacco products in various locations. Electronic Cigarette Trial strives to help consumers learn more about these devices, their many uses, where to purchase them, and a great deal more.

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