You Don’t Need to Go It Alone

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Personal Development Chaburas was named one of the six most ambitious spiritual initiatives by Family First (Sept. 12, 2012, “Making an Impact”). Two new chabura groups for women started January 6 and 7 – it’s still not too late to join! To find out more about joining the three-class trial visit, call (646) 863-4123 in the US or (02) 580-6406 in Israel, or email

Life is predictable, right? A single girl gets married, has babies who grow into children and then teenagers…. No one said it’ll be smooth sailing, but we aren’t prepared for the extra trials that always come our way. Really, even life’s “regular” or “predictable” stages challenge us in ways that leave us panting, waiting for a solution to materialize.

How do we navigate life’s challenges? What can give us tools to confront day-to-day difficulties and grow from them instead of being crushed by them?

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas is a unique answer to this crucial question.

A Chabura is a group of people who join together to reach a spiritual goal. Throughout history, Chaburas have utilized social pressure to help people move forward. The Ramchal, the Arizal, the ba’alei mussar… they all worked within a Chabura in order to move forward in life, in avodas Hashem. When you’re part of a Chabura, you’re no longer alone. You’re part of a group, part of something larger than yourself, that makes the impossible possible.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, turned more people into millionaires than any other man in history. He invested over 25 years in discovering why people fail, and what makes them succeed. He created a list of 12 principles a person needs in order to be successful. According to Hill, there is one principle that is as important as the remaining 11: You cannot succeed alone. When you want to translate your desire into reality, you need to be a part of a team.

A Chabura is that team.

A Chabura is a group of people working on themselves, who can pool their knowledge and experiences. Veterans of Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas often shed light on how they navigated a similar journey or nisayon that a newcomer is presently facing. Not only does this give others the feeling that they’re understood, it also provides an opportunity to receive specific techniques to solve particular problems.

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Chaburas is the only nonstop, ongoing virtual community of its kind in the world. The Chabura transcends geographical, cultural, and age differences. The presentations, the give and take, the ongoing personal connection to what’s being learned—all this creates a sense of momentum, accountability, and a seriousness to keep moving forward. Listening to a prerecorded, impersonal shiur just can’t compare.

 Level 1 of the Chabura is a program for self-knowledge. What is your positive life’s purpose, your tikun (the main character traits you need to work on), your yearly direction? The answers provide you with a yearly plan. In Level 2, you begin to implement that plan. You learn how to keep your plan in mind, how to stay motivated to fulfill it, and how make sure it comes from the real you.

Women who continue year after year deepen their understanding of themselves and keep setting and reaching new goals. You’ll learn to identify what holds you back and what to do when you hit a brick wall. You’ll learn how to make your life more pleasurable and how to get rid of your negativity. You’ll begin to live a life of vitality and joy.

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