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We are so excited to announce NCSY Sweepstakes 2014, a joint campaign to support Jewish outreach, and we are gratified that you have chosen to support us in this most worthy endeavor. We hope that you will partner with us again in providing unique Jewish educational programing to thousands of teens in the New York area.


History:  NCSY is a world-recognized organization that has played a pivotal role in the lives of Jewish teens across the globe. With the vision of Harold and Enid Boxer a”h, the Orthodox Union founded NCSY in 1954 to provide Jewish teens with an opportunity to build a strong connection to their Jewish roots through inspiration and leadership skills. Popular programs include Latte and Learning, Jewish Culture Clubs, Social Action, Israel Education, Leadership, Yarchei Kallah, Summer Programs, Shabbaton Weekends, Friday Night Lights, Higher Education, and  much more.

Mission: NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens and encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition.

Vision: NCSY Connects with Jewish teens through innovative, cutting-edge social and recreational programs to develop a positive Jewish identity. NCSY Inspires Jewish teens through informal Jewish education, retreats and summer programs. NCSY Empowers teens through leadership development and guidance to become passionately committed leaders of the Jewish community and instruments for positive change and renewal.


After losing his home and becoming displaced for close to six months as a result of the damage and destruction of Hurricane Sandy just over a year ago, Zach Motassim, a sophomore at Oceanside High School, also tragically lost his father to a fierce battle with cancer.

Despite the challenges that he has faced and the great emotional toll this has taken on his family, Motassim has remained committed to his Judaism, to his personal success, and to his involvement with New York NCSY.

Motassim, a Long Island, NY native, has lived a “pretty normal life,” as he put it. He wrestled on his high school’s varsity team, he took his studies extremely seriously, and he participated in a variety of extracurricular activities. Having been involved with NCSY for almost two years, Motassim developed a very strong relationship with a number of the organization’s mentors and Rabbeim. Aryeh Smith, Director of Mid-Long Island NCSY, became one of Motassim’s major role models.

Each week, Smith led a Jewish Student Union (JSU) club at Motassim’s high school. In this club, Motassim and his peers were able to discover their Jewish roots in a casual and comfortable setting, over kosher pizza and soda. The teens discussed major events relating to Israel, learned about Jewish history, and even practiced their Hebrew speaking skills from time to time.

With only a loose tie to Judaism, Motassim’s interest in exploring his Yiddishkeit was sparked after attending a weekend Shabbaton with NCSY. He began learning about the various laws and customs that pertain to the Jewish people and even took on certain rituals that spoke to him most. After being struck by two tragedies, Hurricane Sandy and the passing of his father, Motassim felt even more encouraged to search for his Jewish roots and find a deeper meaning to life’s challenges. NCSY not only supported his spiritual journey, but was also the driving force behind his emotional and physical adjustment, organizing a family for him to live with while his home was being repaired for six months, as well as assisting with transportation to and from school, activities, and NCSY events. Moreover, the Shabbos after his father passed away, Motassim was invited to spend the weekend with an NCSY family in West Hempstead, NY. Receiving both monetary and emotional support from NCSY, Motassim and his mother, were able to get back on their feet.

While he struggled with the death of his father, Motassim also felt accepted and cared for in the homes he was staying in. He began observing Shabbos and Kashrus, as well as attending a minyan before school each morning. As time progressed he grew in his observance and in his commitment to Yiddishkeit.

After moving back to his home, Motassim decided he would attend an NCSY Summer Program, Camp Sports, where he would be able to take his mind off of the challenges at home. The all-boys program, located in Baltimore, MD, provided Motassim with the support and attention he needed to regain his passion for life and Judaism. The personalized care of the staff, teachers, and mentors that summer, enabled Motassim to develop his love for his religion even further. He has become an icon and role model for many other Jewish teens just like him. He has remained steadfast in his Jewish observance and faith, despite the most difficult and dark times.

NCSY prides itself on supporting the growth and development of Jewish teens just like Motassim through unique Jewish outreach programming, which foster a love of Judaism, the Jewish people and the Jewish Homeland.

We are so excited to announce NCSY Sweepstakes 2014, a joint campaign to support Jewish outreach, and we are gratified that you have chosen to support us in this most worthy endeavor. We hope that you will partner with us again in providing unique Jewish educational programing to thousands of teens in the New York area.

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