Remember to Watch Out for Break-ins

SafeTech Alarm Systems is warning the public about holiday break-ins and providing steps to reduce these crimes.

The holiday season is here and, for many people, that means shopping, shopping and more shopping. However, for some people, it means greater opportunities for crime. There is often an increase in theft and home break-ins during this time of year.

Recently, Toronto resident Jackie Dale told CBC News that she saw someone take a package that had been delivered to her neighbour’s home. She caught the individual in the act, stealing the package off of the neighbour’s doorstep.

“I caught him red-handed and he and I had a bit of a box-struggle,” she said. “It makes me realize that this is the time of year that people will be trolling in the streets looking for those deliveries.”

And it isn’t just deliveries that criminals are hoping to steal. Break and enters generally increase around the holiday season as well. This is because criminals know that there is an increased likelihood that they will find valuables in the form of gifts during this time of year. They are willing to take the risk of breaking into a home because there could be a greater payoff.

In North Toronto, there were a string of break-ins in late November, which is unfortunately common for this time of year. In the break-ins, criminals entered the homes by climbing up to the second floor of the property and entering through the windows.

“[These types of break-ins are] a general trend, especially in middle-class areas where people don’t have the really comprehensive, high-end alarm systems,” said Toronto Police Acting Detective Sergeant Al Verwey to CP24.

“[Criminals} know in middle class areas the odds are good because people are going to have valuables and they’re probably not alarming their second stories.”

Home alarm systems are incredibly important to prevent break-ins at any time of year. They can keep your home secure and deter burglars who are looking for an easy crime. Installing an alarm system and properly protecting all areas of your home is the key to staying safe and protected.

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