Infographic by Electronic Cigarette Flavors Details Where Uses can Legally Use Vaporizers

Vaping Zones
Mapping out “Vaping Zones”

Vaping laws have been enacted, or the legislation has been introduced to enact them, in many states across America as a new infographic provided by Electronic Cigarette Flavors illustrates. The infographic contains a color-coded map that shows the various states and where they currently stand in regard to electronic cigarettes.

Presently only New Jersey, parts of New York and North Dakota have enacted any anti-vaping legislation in the United States, banning vaporizers anywhere smoking has been banned. North Dakota has gone a step further, prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in almost all public and private locations in the state.

Legislators in California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts and Washington State have all introduced similar legislation that has not yet been enacted. Other than the aforementioned states, vaping is allowed in typical non-smoking areas such as cafes, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Vaping is not allowed on planes or airports regardless of the location.

However, vaping zones have been opening up in some locations to relieve the stress smokers often suffer at the hands of the self-righteous.  At the Heathrow Terminal in London, the international departures lounge has been declared a vaping zone, where one can pop in and get a quick nicotine fix in between flights that can often be stressful, and a nice cup of tea or some spirits to go along with it.

The 23-square foot vaping zone is located next to Terminal 4, alongside duty-free and luxury brand shops. The vaping section is dedicated to those making the switch to electronic cigarettes; a little oasis of rationality in the often irrational world of rules and regulations. Similarly, the infographic also has some interesting tidbits from a recent survey of 1,000 travelers.

The study found that 57 percent of these travelers would not object to licensing areas for “vaping” in airports. Forty percent agreed that “vaping zones” should be available onboard all aircraft. Current smokers, who are subject to the holier than thou attitudes of regulators, if permitted to use electronic cigarettes while flying would consider doing so, according to 64 percent of those surveyed.

When you consider how expansive the e-cigarette industry has become over the last several years, these statistics are not surprising. This is particularly true in the United Kingdom, where an estimated 1.3 million people used e-cigarettes as of 2013. In the United States, there are 2.5 million electronic cigarette users compared to 45 million standard cigarette smokers.

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