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Miami Wreckreational
Coral reefs make Miami a diver’s paradise

The crystal-clear blue ocean waters off the Miami coast are what make the city one of the most famous in the world for scuba diving. Untainted by murky river runoff, the pristine waters offer a visibility that is unsurpassed. Coral reefs sparkle with a multitude of sea life that keep both expert and novice divers entranced and spellbound. Forbes Magazine ranked Miami the cleanest city in America.

However, what many divers come to the city for is to explore the wreck sites. With more than fifty wreck sites open to the public for recreational diving, Miami is considered the wreckreational diving capital of the world.

The weather in Miami is perfect for diving all year round with an average water temperature of 70°F to 85°F and underwater visibility often exceeding seventy-five feet. Luxury Hotels Miami has just published an infographic that lists fifteen of Miami’s most interesting diveable wreck sites consisting of ships, oil platforms, army tanks and even the Spirit of Miami Boeing 727 jet.

There is no need to worry about coming upon the skeletal remains of some long dead pirate, however, since many of these wrecks were sunken on purpose to create man-made reefs. The fifteen sites were listed for novice divers in honor of the fifteen miles of sunny beaches that Miami has to offer.

Thar be pirate ships with sunken treasures this way, but they be in deeper waters. They are also for the experts and not the faint of heart. The wrecks listed in the infographic are in twelve to sixty feet of water, designed for beginners and do not require depressurization or any advanced diving techniques. Proper professional training is critical in deep water diving and should be taken very seriously. If you do not have a lot of deep-sea diving experience, you should start with these.

The infographic also offers some quick facts about the most famous city in the bikini (sunshine) state. For instance, Miami is the only city in the United States that was founded by a woman, Julia Tuttle, on July 28, 1896. Similarly, suntan lotion was invented in Miami by Benjamin Green in 1944, a local pharmacist. So if you are ready for a vacation with a little adventure see the infographic and consider Miami; but pack lightly since you will probably be in your bathing suit most of the time.


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