Industrial Open Frame Monitors provided by Caltron for OEM and ODM Project Applications

Caltron provides a large option of industrial LCD monitors that range from 6.5 inch to 19 inch in a 4:3 aspect ratio and also a 22 inch and 24 inch in a 16:9 wide aspect ratio to accommodate many OEM and ODM project applications.

With so many types of applications in the world that uses visual displays, such as screens, there will always be a need for a variety of screen sizes to choose from.  While it may be much more convenient to have one screen size that is the standard for each and every single application, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Since applications come in all shapes and sizes, so must industrial LCD monitors and touch screen monitors.  When the demand for a particular screen size grows, so will the product availability be made more readily available for project applications.  While the developers will have a strong impact on the exact size needed, displays are usually created to accommodate the needs of a large group of applications that require a specific size display, whether it is for consumers or industrial applications.  Take, for example, the FBT-1503O, 15 Inch LCD Open Frame Monitor, this is a very popular size in both industrial and consumer applications, as it is not too small or too large and is a great size for practically every application.  Adding a touch option to the FBT-1503O to make it a 15 Inch Touch Screen Monitor definitely allows the unit to be used in many more applications, since a typical screen size for touch controls is usually 15 inches and is widely accepted as a standard screen size.  In most cases, if the application at hand has very limited space or requires the audience to have an up close look, a smaller screen size will likely be used.  Applications that want to garner a larger audience or want to display content to a wider audience would typically prefer a larger screen display to use.

Caltron has invested a lot of time in seeing the trends of the market and where demands were most required for monitor sizes that were used in applications that required a display.  With vast experience in assisting OEM (Original Engineer Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) projects with choosing the correct industrial open frame monitor to fit the needs of their application, Caltron provided a line that would meet the needs of most projects.  Industrial open frame monitors range from 6.5” to 19” in a 4:3 Aspect ratio, which are very common sizes in the industrial market for both consumer and industrial applications.  There is also a 22” and 24” wide open frame monitor that both come in a 16:9 wide aspect ratio to accommodate project applications requiring a larger size or applications that require a wide aspect monitor.  For the most part, each size monitor will have a myriad of video input options as well as brightness ratings that can be designed into applications that might require a brighter screen or not. Providing a wide range of open frame monitor sizes, allows for projects to become more versatile and open ended, since there are more options to choose from, rather than being stuck with just a certain size.

A key difference between industrial open frame monitors and consumer grade screens or displays is that open frame monitors are intended to be integrated into a larger enclosure that might require a specific design.  Many OEM and ODM projects will tend to stay away from consumer grade displays, as they usually come with a bezel and the design of the unit will constantly change as LCD panel revisions are made.  Having various monitor sizes to choose from along with all displays being industrial grade and open frame with no bezel allows for designing in a monitor to be much easier than finding a monitor with the correct bezel and hoping that it will remain consistent throughout the entire lifetime of the unit.

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