New Website Launched to Separate Fact from Fiction on Important Current Social Issues

A new website was launched to help people discern fact from fiction. is the newest resource website for people who want to know more about the truths and lies behind pop issues.

The onset of Internet has made it possible for people to gain access to many issues that pervade the world today. Current issues ranging from politics to entertainment are spread easily through social media and Internet forums. But an old age problem still exists relating to information distribution. Even when the only means to spread news were through paper or radio, a lot of information is still getting distorted from its original content. A lot of people are misinformed about certain issues creating confusion and faulty conclusions. This is crucial when the issues are critical, such as Obamacare, GMOs, and the government since it could influence the people’s perception and create widespread consequence. It is important that every issue is tackled fairly and factual information is presented properly to educate the public. For this cause, a new website was launched which aims to do the exact thing. was recently launched to help the public discern fact from fiction on important social issues that pervade the country. The website’s motto of substituting rhetoric and hyperbole with facts and logic is evident in their articles that carefully analyzes issues and explains the real information about them. Issues that are tackled in the website include Benghazi, economics, gun laws, taxes, political parties, Obamacare and renewable energy.

The company stated that too often, most issues are discussed with no in-depth explanation and lacking solid content that leaves the public taking the source by word and probably discarding factual information as myth or lies. Another source of misconception is confirmation bias where a person has a pre-conceived view of specific issues that leads them to accept statements from one side while ignoring information from the other. To help a person have a fair view, it is important that they are educated with the right information without the sensationalism and bias that most media sources are guilty of.

About Fact and Myth

Fact and Myth is a resource website that analyzes common facts and myths in the US culture. The website contains several articles discussing popular issues such as politics and social issues. The website’s address is Their address is 34th St., Colton, California.

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