Dr. Max Goldstein Reveals How Emergency Discharge Physicians Decide when Discharging Patients

An infographic about how emergency physicians make discharge decisions was recently released by Dr. Max Goldstein. The doctor known for his charities and community support programs gathered some important information about the system that can benefit the local folks.

A very important task that every emergency physician has to do is to decide whether to admit or discharge a patient. The physician’s decision will be critical to the patient’s recovery and well being. There are many considerations to make before coming up with a final verdict. Because of its significance, a company has decided to gather some essential information on what goes through a physician’s head during these crucial times. Dr. Max Goldstein recently released an infographic about a study aimed to understand more about the topic. The infographic illustrated important points of the study, the final results and conclusions that were derived from it. Here is a quick rundown of the said infographic.

The infographic stated that the study’s objective was to determine how emergency discharge(ED) physicians perceive their discharge decisions for high acuity patients and its impact on adverse events. The study conducted a real time survey on a staff ED physicians discharging consecutive patients from high acuity areas of a tertiary care ED. The survey consists of open ended questions probing on how physicians come up with their decisions either by clinical judgment or by evidence. For flagged outcomes, three control ED physicians independently did a review for adverse events and preventability.

According to the results, 87% of ED physicians used clinical judgment when deciding with only 12% used evidence. There were also 69 flagged outcomes and 10 adverse events which were all assessed to be preventable. As a conclusion, the infographic stated that when discharging patients from ED high acuity areas, experienced ED physicians would likely use clinical acumen rather than evidence based guidelines. There were also no significant association between the two decision making events and any adverse events.

For further information and improvement, Dr. Max Goldstein suggested more research focusing on decision support solutions and feedback interventions.

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