ADT Tops Google Search Trend and is the Company Most Associated with Home Security

ADT trends in Google search as the most popular home security company. The keyword ADT ranked high among other home security keywords according to the latest Google search analysis.

According to the latest Google search analysis, ADT leads the trend as the most searched home security company in the country. Using Google Trends and Google Correlate to analyze the trend, results reveal that ADT is the most searched home alarm company and is also the most associated with the phrase “home security”. The analysis compared ADT and other home security companies and their popularity as a keyword search. The report shows that ADT has a considerable lead against its competitors. Also, Google Correlate analysis shows that most people searching for “home security” are likely to be searching for ADT more than any other company. The company shares the good news to their clients who are benefitting from their home security services and to homeowners that are looking for a reliable home security company. ADT expresses their delight over the achievement as another statement to their reputation as a home security provider.

The company has been in the industry since 1874 and is currently servicing more than six million customers in the North American region. With over a hundred years of experience under their belt, the company is a well known figure in the industry and is trusted by many homeowners in protecting their housed and properties. When the security system detects any burglary or indoor threat such as gas leak, an alarm signal is sent to a monitoring center where an agent quickly notifies the homeowner and the local police, fire department or emergency personnel. The first few minutes of an emergency or break in are very crucial and it is important to respond quickly to prevent untoward physical or property damages. ADT has 6 monitoring centers across the country to ensure 24/7 protection. When the homeowner is not in the house or in a vacation, the security system continues monitoring for any troubles and threats to the property.

About ADT Home Security Facts

ADT is a home security company using a wide network of surveillance cameras and alarm systems to detect threats and dangers to a homeowner and his property. The company is located at 5th Street, Opia Avenue, Cactus, California. Visit their website for more details.

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