Super Bowl Tickets to Carry a Super Price Tag

The markups on Super Bowl tickets are hitting record highs and the two teams are still unknown.

Super Bowl tickets will begin slipping out into the market this week and some of the price will give you a chill comparable to any mid-winter ice bowl game. One New York ticket broker said that on the eve of ticket distribution day, he is set to open the bidding at $2,200 for an upper-deck ticket; over four times the cheapest face value of $500.

These so-called cheap seats are expected to resell at around $2,880, giving a secondary broker a 30 percent profit. The more desirable seats will have an opening-bid price of about $3,000 and a resale value of around $3,900. This is before the teams that will be playing in the game are known. The prices are expected to swing significantly up or down depending on which teams make it to the Super Bowl.

A less popular team or one that is far from New York will send the prices tumbling. However, as the possible Super Bowl opponents list narrows the price and profit could skyrocket, said the broker. The two teams that make the Super Bowl receive about 40 percent of the tickets. The supply of tickets are expected to begin trickling out this week as the NFL starts giving out tickets to players on teams that did not make the playoffs.

The host Giants and Jets will receive 12,000 tickets in the next few days and the bartering will begin in earnest. These will be among the first actual tickets that hit the market. Brokers who are signing contracts to deliver tickets and taking orders now do not actually have the physical tickets in their hands.

The supply of tickets may also increase or decrease depending on whether corporate sponsors who get tickets for the outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl attend the game or sell them, says Tom Patania, CEO of Select A Ticket. Currently the bid volume is running slightly higher than last years New Orleans game, said Patania.


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