Survey Shows Bitcoin Recognition High

Despite use still low, public recognize currency name

While there was some initial buzz regarding the Bitcoin phenomenon, it appears that interest has not permeated throughout the general public at a consistent rate. In the latest survey brought forth by Bloomberg, it appears that over 40% of individuals know what Bitcoin currency is. Another 12% of the individuals within the latest tally taken show that the two-thirds of the individuals reached believed that the currency was an iPhone application or an Xbox console game.

Of the 46% out of 1,004 Americans that were interviewed by Selzer & Company found that within a 3.1 margin that a majority of individuals do not know exactly what the currency is.

Quartz stated that the 42% who did recognize the Bitcoin for what it was is still remarkably high considering that the number of US individuals that handle the actual currency is much less. So while the progression of the coin has not continued at a rate some may have thought, it is clear the currency is being talked about.

Pointing go the posts, less than a million individuals stated they owned such currency. Quartz stated that the 42% recognition has much to do with the media hype that surrounded its initial quick spread in particular online circles. To give the recognition number some relativity, 94% of Americans could not identify a single brand that came from China.

The awareness of the online currency has certainly grown. There are also more investors putting money into the coins, according to Quartz. Still, it is clear that the Bitcoins have a long way to climb before being considered a true strong currency type. It does appear to be running into the right direction, however. Venture capitalists and others interested in crypto-currency still hold it as a strong investment possibility, which generates positive interest.


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