SEO Strategy Still an Un-Perfected Science

Use of social media keeps companies guessing what strategy is best

Consumers of today use Google and amazing just about as much as any other product within their lives. And currently the ability to use the searching functions of either is simply a tap or click away. Now, digital channels have become almost a natural part of every-day life for many who purchase online. And so the big question becomes how businesses can find ways to drive web traffic toward their sites.

The old-ht concept was simply SEO, which is the art/science of gathering high rankings through particular search-exploitative strategies. Over the last couple of years, however, the use of social media has changed the way one interacts and responds to words and items online. With that change came the need to change how SEO was approached.

While algorithms used by Google determine sites being show, the way in which such algorithms are used as been altered. The use of smartphones and tablets have had an effect on the market, as has the many social media avenues that many customers utilize. And those topics were of top concern at a recent seminar held by the Guardian in association with Salesforce.

The representatives in attendance looked to discuss how SEO strategy has evolved and morphed in recent years. “SEO, social, content development, PPC [Pay Per Click advertising], they all need to work together,” said panelist Craig Lister, head of marketing agency Reprise Media.

And even so, the benefit of social media can easily be overlooked by many experts and novices alike.

Paul Smith, the EMEA vice-president of’s ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, stated: “Most organizations have a pretty good handle on their SEO strategy, but are comparatively under-resourced on their social strategies.” And while the average of 1% of marketing spent goes to social, analysts have stated that 33% of new content discovered involves some form of social interaction. “There is a discrepancy there that people need to start addressing,” he said.


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