SEO Evolution Keeps Companies Searching for Answers

While big changes are rare, ever-evolving user trends remain prevalent

The task of trying to make SEO truly work is one that has been plaguing experts in the field for some time The mix of art and science that is required to succeed and be a frustrating mix. However, collaboration of ideas can sometimes be the key to inspired breakthroughs, and in the SEO universe, a keen eye for noting possible or probable trends is key.

The first thing every expert will tell you is that Google is simply an ever-changing game-changer. While the company has stated it will make alterations to its algorithm each day, research is showing that big changes come few and far between. Significant impact on market searches may be upcoming, but in all actuality not since 2002 have their been severely significant changes.

Optimization is something that has become a mailable term as well, since multi-screen and smartphone/tablet usage has risen. Nielson noted that mobile phones are up to 61% of U.S. Consumers. It marks a 10% increase since last year. “Why We Don’t Buy: Consumer Attitudes on Shopping Cart Abandonment,” by Bronto Software and Magento said that 54% of people who buy online daily or weekly own a tablet and 64% own a smartphone.“You can’t afford not to have a mobile friendly website in 2014,” said Bart Gibby, VP of Boostability.

Finally, local competition on any search engine has risen tremendously and has become a true battle. “20% of searches on Google are related to location.” According to comScore, while 56% of mobile users utilize their browser for immediate local locations.

There are nearly a quarter-million new claimed listings according to Mike Blumenthal’s 2011 estimations. That means Google and Bing optimization is key. The demand for quality local searches is a must, and getting a business on Google+ and Bing has become almost necessity for real success.

With these and other alterations, a business can give itself the best opportunity to succeed in the endeavor to be noticed first and thus most successfully. Keeping ahead of the curb is what stops one from falling behind.


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