Water Contamination Forces Many to Avoid Water Use

Over 300,000 cannot drink or bathe in tap water

There was a real concern for the several hundred-thousand individuals who were left without clean water in West Virginia. Water remained unclean for the third day in a row after a chemical spill at a water facility. Executives stated that it could be days before uncontaminated water would be flowing throughout the local pipes once again.

According to experts, the water sample test results must remain consistently exhibiting that chemical’s present within the water are below 1-parts per million. Such a level is the recommend level based on the federal agency’s own numbers, and is the mark to be held before residents can turn on their taps once again.

The company in charge stated that residents within the nine countries were to not drink the water in their taps. They were also advised not to take baths or wash dishes in the water as well. The reason was that a foaming agent used to process coal had seeped into the Elk River.

300,000 individuals are not forced to only use the water for flushing the toilet. Thirty-two individuals sought medical treatment at hospitals after experiencing nausea and vomiting after ingesting water.

“This incident continues to impact the people of West Virginia – our goal is to find out what happened to allow a leak of such magnitude to occur and to ensure that the proper safeguards are in place to prevent a similar incident from occurring,” Chemical Safety Board chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso said in a news release.

According to the company nearly 7,500 gallons “escaped” the storage tank and contaminated the area, according to Micahel Dorsey, who works as Chief of the State Department of Environmental Protection’s Homeland Security and Emergency Response.

The actual tally of chemical that made it’s way into the river is not known, but officials do not believe waterways downstream will be significantly affected due to dilution.

The company has since issued an apology on its own behalf.

“We’d like to start by sincerely apologizing to the people in the affected counties of West Virginia,” company President Gary Southern said. “Our friends and our neighbors, this incident is extremely unfortunate, unanticipated and we are very, very sorry for the disruptions to everybody’s daily life this incident has caused.”

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