Town of Ulster Earmarks $8,000 for Upgrade

Ulster, New York will be upgrading its records management system to be Freedom of Information Law compliant.

Spending of just under $8,000 has recently been approved by the Town Board in Ulster, New York to update the document management system for bookkeeping, municipal permits and reports. California-based consulting firm Laserfiche will be receiving the funds to provide software services and hardware for the upgrade.

“We have a program that we purchased in 2004, and it’s in need of upgrading,” Town Clerk Jason Cosenza said. “Basically, it’s from before they had Windows 7 and Windows 8, 64-bit, and we need to upgrade so it will be compatible with our current systems.”

The Town Board authorized $165 for software plug-ins, $1,467 for support, $4,000 for services and $6,500 for software. Since the town is upgrading existing software, Ulster will be receiving a $4,365 discount. “All our records can be digitally transferred in so they are accessible to the other departments,” said Cosenza. “Most of our long-term records are incorporated into it, such as contracts, municipal agreements, minutes, our building records.”

“Our goal is to centralize our records system so it’s accessible to all departments and everybody has the same copy and same version. …” he continued. “The ultimate goal is to have all the systems integrated. For example, I have my Cash Book system, the Water Department has their billing system, the supervisor has his program for budgeting.

“We’re trying to get them all to speak together, and (Laserfiche) will be one of the components that will serve as the records management agent of that so anything that is done can essentially be achieved. It helps us to fill (state Freedom of Information Law) requests and disseminate information upon request,” Cosenza said. The new system will have the added benefit of quicker access for the public.


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