Searches for Vaping Products Continues to Rise

Health experts still holding off on endorsing in early stages of vape success

While many may not have know about electronic cigarettes as early as 2013, the chances are that there are few that are unaware of it now. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Katherine Heigl all have been seen puffing them, while Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff currently works as spokespersons for the nicotine system.

And of course, the now heavy uptick on Google searches for electronic cigarettes show a true interest in the items. One might even assume them to be… addictive.

A new study has shown an increase of several hundred percent in the searches for such devices has grown since their arrival on the scene in 2008. From that fledgling year to 2010, a significant rise showed the beginnings of what is now a full-fledged sector shift in smoking products.

“It’s far outpacing anything else in many parts of the world,” says senior author Dr. John Brownstein, an associate professor at Harvard University. While a separate study has suggested that 8% of individuals are now somehow utilizing e-cigarettes (vaping). Nearly a third of all smokers in the United States have stated that they have at least attempted the use of such products.

The items are utilized as a smoking alternative without the smoke that is often the ostracizing factor, thanks to its terrible smell and lingering health effects.

Public health officials have cautioned all that just because the vaping is a “cleaner” way to intake nicotine, there is no clear indication it is safe. Furthermore, the nicotine, which is the addictive factor, is as addictive as ever. The overriding concern by such public health officials is that youth will begin utilizing the product before all the health risks are fully known.

“You have some parts of the scientific community saying, ‘E-cigarettes are bound to be safer than regular cigarettes, so if e-cigarettes help smokers quit, we’re going to be saving a ton of lives.’ “Then you have the other side of the debate where people are saying, ‘Well, what if smokers decide not to quit because e-cigarettes keep them addicted? What if smokers don’t quit because they think it’s OK to maybe just cut back a little on smoking and add e-cigarettes?’ ” says Jessica Pepper, a doctoral candidate in health behavior at the University of North Carolina.


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