Miami Rare Vehicle Showcase Lures in Vacationers

Over $30 in one-of-a-kind vehicles on display

There were more than 1,000 cars on display in the Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection. The group included American classics, electronic cars, and military pieces. And while the museum is large enough to hold three full 747s filled with passengers, it made for plenty of room for the many who were there to check out the displays.

There were eight galleries in total, which were spread throughout the two buildings. The tally on value of the displayed vehicles was nearly $30 million for the many one-of-a-kind vehicles.

“We are a bit of a hidden gem,” said curator Myles Kornblatt about the event.

Jorge Ivan Vergara Salazar took his family down to Miami for vacation, and said visiting the museum was a welcome surprise, as seeing so many rare cars under a single roof was a true treat.

“Everything that you see in television, like James Bond and Indiana Jones, those are all marvelous things. You get astonished by the things that are here in America,” Salazar said.

“I knew it was original before I showed up,” said AJ Palmgren, a self-proclaimed Knight Rider historian who traveled from Des Moines, Iowa, to Florida for a family vacation.

“It’s very familiar. I’ve studied all of the remaining surviving original cars,” he said whilst standing beside to KITT, the vehicle famed for the Knight Rider TV series.

Among some of the more popular pieces was the Hollywood Cars of the Stars exhibit. The showcase had submarines, airplanes, and automobiles that were taken straight off the set and into the museum. Among them were the BMW from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as well as the Mitsubishi Eclipse from the 2001 installment of Fast and the Furious.

The museum also houses the largest collection of James Bond vehicles, toy cars, figurines, and even books. But one will not find every car from the Bond series there, simply because not all are available to find.

“There were no James Bond vehicles that really survived the first film, so you have to get to the second one,” Kornblatt said. That was 1963’s From Russia With Love. The boat featured in that film with Sean Connery is “the oldest surviving James Bond movie vehicle,” Kornblatt said.


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