Aussie Study Shows Garlic Does Not Treat Candida

Placebo found to be as effective during double-blind study

The University of Melbourne and the Royal Women’s Hospital conducted a study that found garlic does not reduce vaginal candida as much as previously thought.

Doctoral candidate Cathy Watson, who led the study, stated that the findings were to be published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The new study notes the first regarding the claim that oral garlic has significant effects on vaginal candida, and notes yet another linkage for possible future remedies.

The test held was said to be a double-blind controlled trial, with 63 women who currently suffered from candida being given either three garlic tablets or a placebo twice a day for two full weeks.

The results noted that there seemed to be no significant reduction in the presence of the candida within the women as compared to the placebo.

Watson noted that the findings did provide a valuable sum of information that would support future trials held at larger levels in regards to garlic and treating thrush.

“Many women have difficulty clearing thrush, and complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies are very popular.

“Our study shows more investigation should take place in this field and properly inform the public of the benefit of alternative therapies,” she said.

While health experts believe garlic does hold many positive attributes, its use for treating vaginal candida is now well under question. Until further studies are done, the outcome renders its usage only a preference no better than a placebo.


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