Lose One Pound Per Day on the HCG Diet

It is time for a New Year’s weight-loss resolution reality check. If you have given up on your diet already, maybe HCG can help.

The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose a little weight. You may want to consider getting a little help from the HCG diet if weight loss is at the top of your list. The HCG diet has been getting a lot of attention these days, although it has been around for almost one-half a century in one form or another. The main reason for its resurgence in popularity is results. Many dieters have been able to lose one pound per day or more on the plan.

The plan involves the use of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that women produce in pregnancy. To ensure adequate energy for mother and child, HCG helps to mobilize fat stores. Combined with eating a limited calorie diet, one daily dose of the HCG hormone is all it takes to get started. Likewise, the HCG diet is a good starting point for a long-term nutritional health plan.

The diet plan allows for lean proteins, fruits and vegetables while eliminating all junk food and sugar. It also regulates the portion sizes of the meals you eat to reduce your tendencies to overeat. A common concern dieters have before starting a diet, is whether they will be hungry all the time while on the diet. With the HCG diet, the answer is emphatically no.

The hormone increases your ability to access the energy stored in stubborn fat reserves to break down enough fat for daily energy. Ultimately, your body does not crave as much food energy and you do not feel hungry. Most patients lose 20-40 pounds initially and start feeling trim. This feeling is a good motivator and many dieters have gone on to lose 100 pounds or more.

A big concern on most dieter’s minds is whether the weight will stay off. A critical three-week stabilization period follows a 20-day cycle of the HCG diet. This stabilization period involves eating higher calories combined with low fat and low sugar.

In essence, the stabilization period teaches the body to burn fat readily. There is usually no weight gain rebound as long as reasonably healthy patterns are maintained. What the whole diet does is teach your body and mind to eat healthier foods in the proper proportions.

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