Essure Linked to Mild Negative Effects

Bayer claims benefit-risk information clearly stated

When Angie Derry was given Essure Implants, she knew they were designed to stay within her body for good. However, just over two years after two years they were placed into her fallopian tubes to prevent a pregnancy, she decided they needed to be removed.

Derry is not interested in having more children. Instead, she simply wants to remove the implants to see if it will remove an ailment she’s suffered from since the birth control was placed inside her.

If for no other reason than to ensure it is NOT the Essure system, she would like to have them removed. It could in fact be the cause of her low-grade fevers, cramping, numbness and fatigue that have been chronically plaguing her since 2011.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense,” said Derry, who has undergone a barrage of medical tests over the past two years but still has no diagnosis. “My doctors are grasping at straws.”

Essure has been on the market for over a decade. Unlike tubal ligation, Essure can be inserted via catheter by a doctor without the need for anesthesia But there have now been complaints regarding the possible connection between Essure and ailments like Mrs. Derry’s. Thousands of women have discussed problems of such sorts that are linked to Essure. Some women have even been forced to undergo hysterectomies in order to remove coils.

Bayer Healthcare, the now-owner of the Essure products after purchasing the manufacturer (Conceptus) in June, said in a statement that Essure has a “well-documented benefit-risk profile”, which has been placed in 750,000 women worldwide. “Patient safety is of utmost importance to Bayer,” the statement said, adding that the company works with the FDA to update patients and physicians when new information about efficacy or safety becomes available.


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