Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Used to Treat Cancer Patients

Research shows such treatments can help these patients with the side effects of chemotherapy.

UC Health at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio is now treating cancer patients with acupuncture and massage therapy. Extensive research shows such treatments can help these patients quit smoking tobacco, reduce anxiety and pain as well as ease the nausea caused by chemotherapy. Families of the patients may also benefit from the treatments although insurance companies may not cover the cost.

UC Health provides a reimbursement form so patients can submit the expenses for possible reimbursement through a flexible spending account, health savings account or an insurance company. Massage therapy for family members of cancer patients and the public is $85 for 60 minutes and acupuncture is $120 an hour for first treatment and $100 an hour afterward – UC Health and University of Cincinnati employees of get a 15 percent discount.

UC Health is also offering acupressure, which focuses on the same pressure points as acupuncture but without using needles; auricular acupuncture, which is commonly known as ear acupuncture and reflexology or pressure applied to the ears, hands or feet.

Director of UC Health Integrative Medicine, Sian Cotton says, “These integrative techniques have been shown to help with relaxation and ease nausea, a common side effect of chemotherapy. The pain and stress related to the condition can also be relieved with certain integrative techniques.”

“In addition to improving patients’ coping, we hope to assist caregivers and employees and staff, as these roles can also be very stressful. It’s important for everyone to take care of themselves so that they can, in turn, provide the best care for their loved ones or the patients they care for,” said Cotton.


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