Noted Private Investigator – Julia Hartley Moore – Announces Publication of Her Book “Infidelity: Exploding The Myths”

International Private Investigator, Julia Hartley Moore, explodes the myths why people cheat. She relates dozens of real-life
examples from her years of professional work. Julia has experienced infidelity firsthand, she knows of what she speaks.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, January 30, 2014, It is said that 50% of all marriages end in Divorce. No doubt infidelity is the major factor in most Divorces. Julia Hartley Moore has tackled the subject in her new book entitled, “Infidelity: Exploding The Myths”. Her’s is a view from the inside, as not only is she an International Private Investigator, but she has experienced first hand the ravishes of infidelity. Her fans will not be disappointed, as her latest book is both well written and captivating.

“Infidelity: Exploding The Myths” brings the reader some understanding as to how the person they trusted most in the world could betray them and break their heart. Infidelity is not reserved for the rich & famous, it is an equal opportunity act of evil that can be found in any community, and any culture. Julia Hartley Moore was in a unique position to write such a book, as she has investigated countless cases of infidelity. This gave her a unique insight on the subject after seeing its devastating effects from all angles, including her own.

So many myths surround the subject of infidelity, but most of them are mere excuses for uncontrolled and foolish behavior. The sad truth is that the stress levels caused by infidelity can amount to reducing a person’s life expectancy – that is how serious this can be. “Infidelity: Exploding The Myths” is not only captivating, it is also educational. The reader is treated to the facts, and the facts explode the myths. Within these pages is the explanation of the two types of infidelity: Physical and Emotional. Each involves deception. When does flirtation become a form of infidelity? How to spot lying by omission, and how to realize the act of rationalization, a short example of the items in this book that will empower all those that are subject to the damages of an unfaithful mate.

Julia Hartley Moore’s own life story is even more sensational than the contents of her best selling books. Julia was the first woman to own a Private Investigation company in New Zealand, in an industry totally dominated by male ex-police officers. With no formal Police background, Julia caused a major stir in the Private Investigation industry, but now her company, Arbeth & Co Limited, has grown to become internationally respected. In fact, Julia is so respected that nowadays all her team includes respected ex-police officers! Through her work as a Private Investigator and her life experiences, Julia has gained immense knowledge on the subject of Human Nature, Relationships and Infidelity.

For complete information about her book, please visit: “Infidelity: Exploding The Myths”

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