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“Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes” is a riveting true story producing an unforgettable experience. The stress in my life shows; when I wake up screaming deep in my mind; only to realize I have not been sleeping. The voices inside are watching me sink or swim. I’m paranoid; watching for the government behind my back.

My ideas spin like a whirlwind deep inside of my head; telling me I can stop hearing the voices in my head; when I am dead. The face inside of me is right beneath my skin.  Travel With Me Deep Inside My Twisted Brain.

Schizophrenia has been described by psychologists as a tiny aberration within a brain surrounded by normal behavior patterns; perhaps a sliver of insanity that can identify a person as being mentally unstable.

Those suffering from schizophrenia see the world in a different way, although they may share with others the same feelings, thoughts, and reactions to the world around them. It is their interpretation of those feelings, thoughts, and reactions and communicating with others that can make life a challenge for them, complicating their relationships with those around them in unimaginable ways.

Schizophrenia can involve persistent and upsetting thoughts in the mind (obsessions) dysfunctional compulsive behavior patterns that take the form of rituals used in part to control anxiety; provoked in part by the core behavior patterns taken by the actions of the person fighting schizophrenia.

Your happiness is possible when you make the conscious choice to be happy; and shift your world in a fashion that naturally increases your level of happiness stimulating the positive attitude and creativity that shape the outcome of your life.

Our brains are like a single processor computer. Each of our brain only has a limited number of resources to experience the world. So in psychology science; happiness is a choice about how we consciously or unconsciously choose to devote those finite resources we have in life.

It is not necessarily the reality situation circumstance that shapes us; but the lenses in which we view the world that shaped our experience of reality. If we can change the lenses in which your brain viewed the world; through education and reflection; not only can we create the positive type of leadership; we can raise our health outcomes and ripple this effect out to people around us.

Success is not where you are; it is how far you have come since the day you started. Perry paints a picture in his e-book of how schizophrenia can destroy one’s life and family. Perry originally started to self-analyze his life when he started writing his story to fight his mental disability. He used an e-book to help understand more about how or why or when the schizophrenia condition he faces entered his life.

Perry is a fighter in search of safe ways to improve his mental health or gain more understanding about the sickness schizophrenia. However not from a medical doctors prospective; but a patients prospective on what they see and how they think when fighting the various mental illness conditions that help create schizophrenia.

During his struggle Perry has been able to write out what he can see in his mind; as he faces the mental sickness of schizophrenia attacking his brain; and how this war in his mind changed when he was given a chemical injection that worked as an invisible scalpel designed to restructure his brain.

Living as a mental health patient; Perry wanted to explain this mystery and find answers and a clear understanding of what is happening to his thought process running deep within his brain; and share his research findings using a funny, sad and compelling story with interested readers like you.

As Perry pioneered through his mind for answers he kept records to share with himself through reflection; revealed in the e-book “Walking Behind Schizophrenic Eyes”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGbsnYHTiTQ

Perry succeeds at tracing back his life on paper and shares his experiences and thoughts portrayed in an interesting, provocative story shared with the reader. Perry kept track of most of his changing mental habits patterns as he faced; the challenges of fighting schizophrenia in his life; as described and written in this e-book. In order to understand the schizophrenia; you first must understand the person. In the video to come you will accumulate detail information that helps you acquire a bird’s eye view of how a person like Perry thinks suffering from schizophrenia.

This is a riveting true story producing an unforgettable experience. Information compiled clearly describing how this person relates to his world and thinks about his life; you occupy the front row seat while you watch his performance in a video captured on Perry; first-hand experience portrayed through the eyes of a mad man roaming the streets; later taken forcefully by police and locked inside of a mental hospital; injected with brain altering chemical drugs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DnOC8ZPMOA

Please remember the research in this e-book is useless unless it is experienced first-hand. All of the events in this story are true and based on experienced events that happened; and only the poetry is based on fiction.

Order your copy of this compelling e-book click the link below. https://www.ebookit.com/books/0000002299/Walking-Behind-Schizophrenic-Eyes.html

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