Winter Meetings Signal New Growing Season for Gardeners, Farmers and Cooks

Whether you cook food, grow food or just eat food, you are sure to learn something new.

Shortly after the farmers’ markets closes for the season in Kansas City, Missouri, training seminars, meetings and conferences begin filling up the schedules of the majority of farmers. Similar to professional baseball players, the off-season is spent in training for the next season. Winter training involves learning all the latest methods to improve crop performance.

There are statewide conferences such as the Missouri Organic Association’s Annual Conference along with regional conferences, which include the Great Plains Growers Conference. However, the most widely attended local event is the Annual Farmers & Friends Meeting on Feb. 1st. The event is hosted by Cultivate Kansas City and is the dominant sign that a new growing season is on the horizon.

The Annual Farmers & Friends Meeting shares information about local food resources and provides a venue for growers to connect and share farming solutions. In its ninth year, it is a peer-to-peer forum consisting of panels with learning through presentations. More than 30 sessions comprise the daylong meeting, which is designed for amateur growers, farmers and their friends in the food community.

The topics of the sessions are wide ranging and include beekeeping, managing pests, composting, backyard chickens and foraging as well as diversifying a food business. The day starts off with presentations on how a local artist is linking community and good food in Kansas City, urban farming in east Kansas City and how one gardening project is feeding a Kansas City neighborhood.

The Annual Farmers & Friends Meeting is a great way to learn more about the local food system and the doers and dreamers in the system – not just area farmers. It will be held at at the Second Presbyterian Church, 318 E. 55th St. in Kansas City from 9 am to 3 pm on Feb. 1st. Therefore, whether you cook food, grow food or just eat food stop by for the festivities, you are sure to learn something new.

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