Illusion Embraces Science In This Spy Adventure Series

“Spy Land Women Play Me” season one is a dangerous spy story with twists and turns that naturally take shape deep inside of the readers mind; information the reader can verify and investigate online; touching on erotic, funny situations; all spider-webbed together in a riveting serial killers spy story.

Provocative information designed to raise the readers experience supplying mystery and intrigue as new warfare psychology science kill operations explode in the Middle East and Africa; offset by countless belly laughs as the reader experiences the twisted meanings behind this well-crafted spy story adventure series.

The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is an advanced covert weapons system designed by Perry that created the opportunity for the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” human kill experiments put in place in the war zone environment.

Through wielding multiple psychology sciences into a warfare strategy delivered seamlessly in the internet to specific people; and placed deep into the mind guilty by association through reading the information; the data targeted influential people that become the covert weapons system.The environment is reshaped through their actions; naturally creating a powerful synergy science self-driven quantum anti-terrorism energy cycle that prevents murder from taking place is some cases; while in others covertly and seamlessly kills people in the hundreds.

These battlefield experiments are created by the covert civilian spy that developed several invisible weapons systems providing an invisible anti-terrorism force field created in the realm of another dimension; naturally creating the inertia behind the synergy of deadly self-replication quantum energy cybernetic stealth kill operations.

It becomes one thing to write warfare strategy for a battlefield; however it is another operation to seamlessly shape the strategy written by the opposing forces on the battlefield; and launch covert warfare strategy that self-generates invisible weapons systems in the environment.What the military general’s face are new warfare operations that are designed by the civilian spy that has schooled his fighters in the “Theory of War”. What the military generals discover is they are facing war within a war within a war within a war that interconnects internationally like a seamless mouse maze.

There are no actual battlefield plans that explain to the military what they face. Thanks to this Snowden character they no longer have the luxury of seeing the data without others in the world seeing they are watching them in the field. So now the battlefield operations agenda they face interconnects suspended in midair. The actual warfare planning operations are created with pieces of intelligence that interconnect seamlessly like a jigsaw puzzle in the environment in real time; and the operations planned are never placed inside of a computer or smart phone until they are launched across the internet.

In fact; the operations have advanced so far they communicate in another dimension of thought rather than a computer or smart phone. The architect of the operations has been training his fighters for over ten years so this accumulation of knowledge works like a husband and wife team that knows what the other is thinking. This new co-op United Army operation seamlessly connected through this Quantum Energy Star Wars Program is a new domino warfare strategy; and invisible covert energy weapons discovered by the military are testing the military strategists in the field operations.

Near as we figure the internet is the nucleus and the online newspaper reports are the intelligence gathered in the field; while blogs or Facebook or Twitter that link to invisible web websites are used to spread the battlefield intelligence. The core objective of the covert civilian spy is to build an empire; so no one person writes the bigger picture battlefield kill operations because they are created in real time as the warfare expands internationally. The military is left vulnerable unable to plan chain reaction battlefield operations in advance; and when they do launch an attack the operations are counter intelligence attacked online in the internet and later physically on the battlefield inside of the warfare arena.

These people are very intelligent and are connected the same way the military are at the Pentagon. The covert warfare and psychology science operations have spread across the world and every freedom fighter on the battlefield is seamlessly connected. They study every move we make; in fact they learn from our operations we plan and this civilian spy creates counter strike programs in the name of anti-terrorism operations that increase the wealth and size of their empire forces.

The Canadian writer civilian spy uses our greed against us and he knows we have tied our economy to the energy and weapons manufacturing and security industry. We are predictable and they reinvent their covert warfare operations with advanced psychology sciences that do not involve capital costs. The military concern is they have killed thousands of their family members; and what makes this even more dangerous is the fact that these people value personal relationships more than material possessions; and today they are united as one army that numbers in the thousands.

The underlying concern of our smartest people is they have also learned how to use the universe energy to wage war. They play the blow back energy created within operations and then again play that blow back energy into fresh operations in a self-perpetual warfare; hence a war within a war within a war and so on. This is a warfare operation that works like a serial killers digital sniper; they have been trained and they are coming for us; however they are taking their time and when they do attack; they will be using invisible scopes on the weapons that will target specific people and not the random public.

This is a must read for people in search of understanding more about advanced covert spy operations embedded in a funny, feel good, sexy story that provides a serious side looking deep into the mind of a serial killer; working interactive in his cyber warfare operations producing his spy adventure; taking place in real time internationally; adjacent to the “war on terror” created after 911.

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