Complete Candy Crush Game Tips, Cheats and Guides in Newly Launched Website

A new website was launched to help Candy Crush enthusiasts beat their way into the game. The website is filled with tips, walkthroughs, cheats and latest news about the highly addictive game.

Candy Crush addicts have something to celebrate about with the launching of a new website dedicated to the players of the game. is a new website that provides players with tips, cheats, walkthroughs, information, tutorials and news about the highly addictive game. Players can get different advice on how to pass a specific level including the Dreamland levels. Even beginners can benefit from the website as it also contains basic information and guides on how to win each level. From Candy Town to Ice Cream Shaves, players can get detailed information on each episode that can help them pass through different obstacles in the game. The mechanics, points and guidelines are detailed for each episode. The website also details different elements from the games such as blockers, boosters and levels to help players understand and devise different methods to win a level. For seasoned players, the website includes walkthroughs and tips from other seasoned players on seemingly impassable levels. They can read blogs and articles about the game. The website gathers latest news and future developments about the game that will surely interest diehard fans. Articles such as “Am I Addicted to Candy Crush” and “The Ultimate Candy Crush FAQ” are interesting reads for Candy Crush gamers.

Since its introduction in 2012, Candy Crush became a popular hit among online gamers and became the most popular Facebook game in 2013 surpassing the similarly addictive Farmville. Almost 100 million people play the game daily. The popularity of game can be traced to its seemingly easy game play of matching three or more similar candies of the same color. As each level progress, more challenges are added making the game fun and addictive. With its large fan base, many people have created online forums to swap information and tips in beating the game. makes it easier for fans to get the essential information that they need.

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Candy Crusher is a resource website for the game Candy Crush. Their website contains tips, cheats and guides about the game. The company is located 4th St, Greenville Avenue, Sunshine, California. Their email is Visit for more details.

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