Heath Landscapes Releases Infographic Detailing Impact of Landscaping Industry

Heath Landscapes shares an infographic on the importance and benefits of the landscaping industry. Posted in their website, Landscapegardenershertfordshire.com, the infographic illustrates important points of the industry and its impact on homeowners.

Landscaping has been an important home improvement project since early times. It helps in increasing the property’s worth while promoting healthier living conditions. To help people understand more about the impact of landscaping in the home improvement industry, Heath Landscapes gathered essential information and statistics in an infographic posted on their website. Titled “Landscape Garden: The Beauty in Nature”, the infographic illustrates important points of the industry and its impact to homeowners.

According to the infographic, there was an increase of 2 million more households in 2012 compared from the previous year which translates into an additional $354 million in retail sales of lawn and garden products. It was also observed that there was a 50% increase on the money spent on lawn and landscaping services from 2001 to 2006. Thirty percent of all households hire at least one type of lawn and landscape service. The common types of services hired were landscape design services, lawn care & landscape maintenance, landscape installation & construction and tree care services. The infographic also stated the economic importance of landscaping. It helps in promoting tourism, increasing property market value, providing landscaping jobs, increasing worker productivity and providing workplace satisfaction. A properly maintained landscaping is said to add 15% to the home’s value according to buyers. In terms of lifestyle and environmental benefits, it listed that landscapes are capable of promoting wellness, providing a calm ambiance, supplying healthy food, conserving natural resources, reducing noise and glare, preventing soil erosion and protecting soil and water quality. Heath Landscapes also added some interesting facts and tips about landscaping. They stated that a typical home lawn, of 50 by 50 ft, releases enough oxygen daily to meet the needs of a family of four for 24 hours and absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride and other toxins.

The company hopes that their infographic will help shed some light on the growing importance of the landscaping industry.

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Heath Landscapes provides lawn and landscape services in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. The local team of landscape specialists offers lawn installation, maintenance and care. The company is located at 67 Crossfield Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0HL. Their number is 07974 793949 and email address is jimhole16@gmail.com. Visit Landscapegardenershertfordshire.com for more details.


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