6 Mobile SEO Elements for 2014 Infographic Released by Syntaxxx

6 Mobile SEO Elements of 2014
2014 SEO essentials

A new SEO infographic from syntaxxx.com reveals their six SEO predictions for 2014 and they are all based on mobile optimization. The reasoning behind the predictions is the extraordinary likelihood that the user of the mobile device intends to make a purchase.

As of the first quarter of 2014, 56% of adults in the United States own and use a smartphone daily. Of these mobile users, 74% utilize a search engine on the device when making a purchase; they essentially have all their price comparison information in the palm of their hand.

Moreover, 55% of the users intend to make their purchase within one hour and fully 83% plan to purchase the item they are researching sometime during the same day. With those kinds of statistics, it is imperative that retailers be in the search results and that their merchandise be competitively priced.

The most important factor in mobile SEO success is a heavy focus on mobile user experience. A satisfying mobile experience should engage and convert visitors into customers, which in itself has a direct impact on rankings. User experience is a self-feeding loop to SEO success. Focusing on mobile user experience will be more successful than an SEO strategy focused on rankings and traffic alone.

As a means to this end, retailers will have to have a mobile friendly site. Whether responsive or dedicated, a mobile-friendly website will be essential in 2014, syntaxxx.com predicts. There was a lot of lost business in 2013 due to this factor, according to a BrightEdge MobileShare Report.

The report shows that smartphone traffic has increased by 125% and smartphone users converted at only ⅓ the rate of desktop and tablet users. Poor smartphone user experience was to blame for the low conversion rate.

Similarly, retailers will have to speed up slow loading mobile pages. Although this is mostly a technical issue, it is related to SEO and rankings. It all comes back to user experience. Likewise, the design of the mobile site must be clean and focused on usability. The programming and navigational aspects must be geared to mobile user intention.

Lastly, voice search should begin to be incorporated into all aspects of your mobile Website. To gain a better understand of these up and coming technologies and how they relate to SEO in detail, see the infographic; and for some informative tutorials as well as up-to-date news on SEO, go to Syntaxxx.

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