Between Youtube and Vine, Flixty takes aim at 60 second videos, today announced the beginning of their new video sharing platform. The launch is scheduled for June 1, 2014. They are currently taking registrations before liftoff from the video sharing public and businesses. As a bonus to signing up prior to launch day, they are giving away free video editing software as well as a chance to win an IPad mini.

“We plan to carve a niche in the one minute or less video space”, says Connor Kenny, Founder and CEO. “Sixty seconds is a great length to get to the point without being too brief”, he adds.

With a plan to make social sharing and community the priority, Flixty’s website wants to deliver a Twitter like method of making connections for the user through video. Short video is making waves these days and becoming more popular as a medium to network and communicate with the world. With the goal to share videos across all of the social media platforms, Flixty promises to be a substantial launch pad for users to get their content noticed.

“I think one minute is perfect for news reports, to the point, without any fluff”, says Kenny. “I don’t know about you, but I have a short attention span. I like my information to get into my brain as fast as possible. If someone is giving me a review or letting me know about anything, I think they should be able to do it in under sixty seconds. If they need more time, then make another video to follow it. I also find that some of the funniest, shocking and most shared clips are less than a minute. Users these days are moving at light speed and want to get a lot of things done quickly. Efficiency in communication, connecting people with information and discovering one another is our main focus.”

Mr. Kenny didn’t want to give away to many details, but did mention a few. Video from anywhere can be uploaded, whether from a website or original content generated by the user. An app will be available shortly after the launch to enable quick posting. The mobile site promises to be fast and easy to use. Users will be able to keep tabs on each other and the producers they are following will be streaming in their video feeds. To promote outreach video will be shared quickly to as many social networks or other video sites as the user wishes.

I can’t wait to see Flixty up and running and look forward to using this video sharing site myself. It sounds like a great tool and believe other online video users will also.

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