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This novel website allows you to connect with like-minded people from all around the world

(17 February, 2014) – Today, we celebrate the digital age. Everything is possible at the click of a button and advancements in technology are transcending barriers and making it a truly globalized world. As we move further and further towards a world where borders are non-existent, a novel concept, Praise Or Bash, promotes the trend of sharing ideas and opinions with people all around the world.

Praise Or Bash is a website where people from all over the world can freely express their opinions. It is a platform where a large variety of topics come under the microscope and are expounded and discussed in detail by the average person. The subject or topic in question can either be ‘praised’ or ‘bashed’ according to individual opinion.

The team from Praise Or Bash, says: “Praising and bashing is fun, but the real magic happens when everyone learns together. Members learn from each other’s opinions and celebrities, brands, and politicians are able to learn how people feel about them in real time.”

The website is home to discussions on topics ranging from gossip to politics to controversies to interests to sports and is a great way for people to interact with like-minded individuals. What better way to make friends and understand other points of view to a given problem? This hones an individual’s opinion to make them more objective and broad-minded on a huge range of issues.

Having an opinion is great, but having it matter is even better. On Praise Or Bash, everyone’s opinion matters, but in a meaningful way. Each time a person votes ‘praise’ or ‘bash’, it affects the real time public rating of the subject or topic at hand. This information can help brands and public figures identify how people feel about them in real time. An average person can learn from the shared opinions and use this information to help decide which brands, issues, or public figures to support. The amount of knowledge gleaned through these interactive discussions is an added bonus- it’s like getting free, solid advice!

Praise Or Bash was launched in September 2013 and has already witnessed great success, with a large number of members praising and bashing every day. Free to join for anyone interested in having their opinions heard, Praise Or Bash can be an excellent resource for popular opinion on products and services that are beneficial to you, which you weren’t even aware of!

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