Kale Redefines Eating Healthy In New York City

Kale Health Foods, at 342 Lexington Avenue New York, is on a mission to redefine eating healthy.

Cooking or ordering healthy food is not always fun or satisfying and Kale in midtown aims to change that. Want great tasting healthy food with that home cooked touch? Kale is something to consider.

Does eating healthy really mean giving up our favorite flavors and dishes? Not according to Kale in Midtown, NYC. Whether you are in the mood for something spicy, tangy, or sweet, Kale is worth checking out.  Owner and operator Ivan Parmar believes food must meet 2 primary criteria. The first is health and the second is flavor.

Ivan Parmar frequently tells him employees “The food we eat must be good for us but must also taste great. There is no reason to trade one for the other.” Kale has accomplished an art of cooking that meets both of these criteria.

Using only organic food ingredients and creative spices, Kale serves up a refreshing menu people are falling in love with.  With lines during lunch and dinner times, Kale seems to be a hit. What separates Kale from other “healthy” food restaurants?  Their creative food menu, their delicious smoothie and juice menu, and most of all the effort and care they invest in providing quality food. They just believe that anything we take in should benefit the body, not pollute it.

Owner Ivan Parmar believes “If you, as a food vendor, can not succeed by genuinely serving your customers with quality and nutrition, then you have no place being in the food business. Our customers trust us to give them great food that is also nutritional for them.” Even a burger joint can make an effort in adding nutritional value to their menu according to Ivan Parmar.

There is a growing demand for better tasting healthy food in New York City. Kale has already begun meeting that demand. The birth of a new franchise is on the way. Check out Kale at 342 Lexington Avenue between 39th and 40th.  Let your own taste buds decide.

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