DynoSense Launches New Website – Set To Take The Lead In The Innovative Digital Health Revolution

DynoSense is committed to the innovation and pioneering of advanced technologies and techniques that will be in the forefront of the Digital Health Industry. Soon to release the World’s first fully integrated multi-function health scanner.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, February 24, 2104, Biometric sensors have the capacity to change the way patient health care is monitored and tracked outside of the hospital environment. Today, digital technology is heading in the direction of advanced patient monitoring. These will be sensors that are able to collect a rich set of physiological parameters, plus transmit and store the data into “Cloud” for further analysis and access by medical care-givers.

DynoSense is a company that has some of these innovative products in research and development right now, and is on the edge of releasing an industry changing digital health monitoring device. The company reports that they have just launched their new website, and are very excited about the pending release of their new DynoSensor, (or “Dyno” for short), which will be the world’s first fully integrated multi-function health scanner. During a recent press conference, Saeed Azimi, CEO/President of DynoSense, had this to say: “The medical community is at the turning point of helping us better understand our health, this is often referred to as personalization of medicine and DynoSense is here to lead the way.”

The Dyno is a good indication of the innovative products that are being developed by the research team at DynoSense Corp. It will mark a new paradigm in how patients are remotely monitored for physiological changes. Vital measurements will include [i] Electrocardigram (EKG or ECG) for analysis of heart parameters such as rate, and rhythm, [ii] Photoplethysmography for extracting Blood Oxygen (SPO2), Hemoglobin (SpHb) Carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), or Methemoglobin (SpMet), [iii] Pulmonary Plethysmography, for extracting respiration rate, breathing volume and breathing efficiency (CO vs. Oxygen), [iv] Blood Pressure Changes, [v] Core Body Temperature, and others such as hydration status, all in less than 60 seconds with a single action from the user. The Dyno is packaged with other critical sensors such as Smart Weight Scale, Medication Tracker and Activity tracking that includes Fall Detection, and Sleep Analyzer.

Imagine being a Physician, and being alerted by the DynoSensor that the patient’s physiology has changed or given information about effectiveness of treatment following hospital discharge or while managing a patient with chronic disease. This allows the Physician to take appropriate actions with patient under his/her care. Clearly, DynoSense Corp. is ushering in the next step in the evolution of the Healthcare Industry. Their platform includes a cloud-based application that enables the sharing of data amongst doctors, care-givers, family and friends while empowering individuals with necessary tools to better understand his/her own health. Parameters can be set for each patient on an individual basis. Patient compliance for medications can be monitored and reported to the prescribing Physician for direct follow-up, a potentially lifesaving benefit.

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