New Infographic on Carpet Care Released by Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has recently released an infographic about carpet cleaning. The infographic tackles numerous topics such as the different carpet cleaning methods, carpet care tips, comparisons and other carpet cleaning facts.

An infographic has recently been released by Carpet Cleaning Melbourne that discussed several topics about carpet cleaning. From the different carpet cleaning methods to basic carpet facts, the company gathered relevant topics on carpet care and illustrated it in an infographic titled “Carpet Cleaning: Interesting Dirty Facts”. According to the company, basic information and comparisons about the different methods can be helpful for homeowners who are looking for the best way to clean their carpets. As there are many cleaning methods available, knowing the different processes can come in handy. The four basic methods listed are dry cleaning, foam carpet cleaning, bonnet and steam cleaning. In choosing a method they suggested five factors to consider; the carpet’s material, location of the house, amount of traffic, drying time and health issues within the household. Depending on the homeowner, these factors can significantly determine the level of satisfaction after the job. They have also listed important reminders according to the method chosen. Steam cleaning is best for sterilizing and is very effective when there is the need to remove dirt and microbes from the carpet. Dry cleaning is good for stubborn stains as heat is able to break down any build up in the carpet. For simple carpet cleaning needs, the best choice would be foam cleaning. The foam attracts soil particles, dust and other forms of solid dirt. To learn more about the methods, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne also included the pros and cons of each method. Homeowners who are considering absorbent pads are warned of its tendency to leave dirt and chemical at the bottom of the carpet fibers. Aside from the different carpet cleaning methods, the infographic also shared basic carpet care tips and guides. A list of ten carpet care commandments is compiled for homeowners who want to keep their homes neat and clean.

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