Free Boiler Installation by UI Plumbing & Electrical Under Green Deal Scheme

Free boiler schemes for homeowners who have outdated and underperforming boilers. UI Plumbing & Electrical installs free boiler under the Green Deal scheme for qualified households.

Local folks in Doncaster who are still using a boiler that is over ten years old or a category G boiler can apply for a free one under the Green Deal scheme. Low income households are provided with a free boiler which is installed free of charge. Aside from the free installation, an annual servicing and maintenance is also provided under the deal. UI Plumbing & Electrical will provide the free boiler installation and servicing. With their team of local heating engineers, the company will assess and install the new eco friendly boiler. The company is Gas Safe registered and has a local reputation on the quality of their service. The Green Deal scheme is detailed in their website Interested clients can go to the website where they can also leave inquiries and requests 24/7. They have worked with leading boiler manufactures including Vaillant, Worcester, Ideal and Baxi.

All machines, including boilers, have a limited working life span. Time will wear out parts and components of the machine that significantly affects it performance. Keeping an old boiler is counterproductive. Not only is it inefficient in producing heat but also a threat to the environment. Even with regular maintenance, the boiler loses its optimal value through time which reflects in its poor performance. The metal parts thin out and other small components fail. This causes inefficiency in the system. The inefficiency triggers waste and defects inside the machine. The household is at risk for boiler related accidents such as explosions and gas leaks. Gas explosions are very deadly and can cause large property damage. Gas leaks are also fatal and sometime hard to detect. Boiler servicing companies always recommend new boilers to avoid risks related with outdated ones. With the Green Deal scheme and UI Plumbing & Electrical, homeowners that cannot afford to install a new boiler can have access to a safer and newer boiler models.

About UI Plumbing & Electrical

U I Plumbing & Electrical offers boiler and plumbing services in Doncaster. The company is located at 24 Sturton Close, Doncaster, DN4 7JG. Their number is 07841 794937 and email address is Visit to learn more about their services and offers.

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