Recent Statistics on Germany’s Tourism Gathered in an Infographic by Germany Hotels Online

Recent statistics on Germany’s tourism and accommodations industry was compiled by German Hotels Online in an infographic posted at their website. The infographic illustrates that half of foreign visitors opt to stay in a hotel.

Germany’s tourism is thriving with as much as 12.4 million overnight stays in Berlin alone from January to June of 2013. It is estimated that there are 500,000 visitors visiting Berlin every day. To accommodate foreign and local visitors, there are numerous hotels, inns and guesthouses that provide visitors a place to stay for the night. Germany Hotels Online gathered vital figures of the country’s tourism and accommodations industry in an infographic titled “Visiting Germany: Trends & Statistics of the Tourism Industry.” According to the infographic, half of foreign visitors chose to stay in a hotel during their visit. There are 13,381 hotels, 7,681 bed & breakfast, 8,158 guesthouses and 5,355 inns available in Germany by 2012. Fifty-six percent of foreign visitors staying overnight in Germany opt for a hotel as their accommodation.

Germany is the 2nd most popular destination for Europeans, next to Spain. They account to as much as 7% of the total number of overnight stays by foreign visitors in the European Union. Other types of accommodations available are castle hotels, house swapping, romantic hotels, spa hotels and youth hostels. Berlin is the most visited city in the country with nearly half of its visitors are foreigners. The infographic stated that guests could arrive in 580 coaches or 160 aircrafts every day in the city. The city averages two million visits each month in a year with the most number of visits seen on August. In terms of accommodation, 76% of available lodgings are branded hotels while 24% are privately owned. There are 48,818 total rooms available with half of these rated 4 stars. The infographic also included that international visitors spend around 37 billion Euros in total during their trips to Germany.

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