Importance of High Visibility Clothing Stressed by Proviz Sports

Proviz Sports shares some interesting facts about Hi Viz clothing. The company specializing in high visibility clothing explains the importance and significance of the safety apparel.

High visibility clothing is very useful for people on the road or those who are working in poorly lit areas. It provides a layer of protection and safety by making the wearer visible to other people in the immediate area. The company, Proviz Sports, specializes in different high visibility equipment and clothing for a wide variety of usage. Usually, high visibility equipment is used by bikers and runners who need additional visibility on the road especially during night time. It is also useful for construction workers where safety is the first priority. To help people understand more about the importance of high visibility clothing, Proviz Sports featured some facts and information about the material in their blog.

Popularly known as Hi Viz, it was invented by an American called Bob Switzer in the 1930s. In UK, Scottish Railways started using the material in 1964. Interestingly, lifeboat crews used orange color because orange shows up best against blue and grey water. To help people understand the importance of Hi Viz clothing, the company stated that statistically 122,000 runners, walkers and cyclists are hit by cars annually. Most of the accidents are the results of poor visibility on the road. Bikers, runners and cyclists are at risk especially during night time when artificial light is the only source of road illumination. High visibility clothing helps motorists detect other persons on the road and thus help them in making better road decisions. It is said that reflective material helps drivers see 3 seconds sooner at night which can save a person’s life. Proviz Sport also stated that 2 out of 3 crashes between motorcycle and cars took place when the driver failed to see the approaching bike. These crashes could have been prevented with the help of high visibility clothing.

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