Genuine Garcinia Reviews Publishes Their Top 5 Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Manufacturers

Genuine Garcinia Reviews has reviewed hundreds of manufacturers to sort the real deal from the scams, and has published its top five best suppliers of the popular diet supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia is a revolutionary supplement in that it positively affects weight loss in three distinct ways. The supplement inhibits fat production, boost metabolism and suppresses appetite, allowing individuals to make the most of their dieting and lose dramatic amounts of weight more easily than ever before. However, the popularity and public endorsement of the supplement by medical professionals has led to a large number of scams aiming to cash in on its success. Genuine Garcinia Reviews is a website that has made it its mission to expose the frauds and endorse the real providers.

Their latest release has been to rank the top 5 providers, and takes into account public reviews by real users as well as a five point breakdown of cost, effectiveness, consumer reviews, quality of ingredients and money back guarantee. Each of these is individually assessed before an aggregate score is produced.

Every entry in the top five is a legitimate product that produces real results, but the fascinating side of the list is that the effectiveness can still vary even among genuine garcinia cambogia supplements to a large extent. The winner, Rush Nutrition, excels thanks to having the highest quality of ingredients.

A spokesperson for Genuine Garcinia Reviews explained, “We have taken a lot of time and care of analyzing every product created by each of these manufacturers to make sure they hold up to scrutiny and have a real, beneficial effect for those seeking to lose weight. This top 5 is the result of months of intensive investigation and is a definitive consumer advice guide for anyone looking to lose weight using this popular supplement. The winner right now is Rush Nutrition, at the moment by a large margin, and in an industry this competitive we’ll be keeping a close eye on the contenders to update as necessary.”

About Genuine Garcinia Reviews: Genuine Garcinia Reviews has reviewed hundreds of pills on the market to see which ones actually work. Their in-depth research shows that most products don’t work and are a scam. To stay safe, users can browse their rankings to see which products are the best on the market and offer the most effectiveness for the price. For more information please visit:

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