The Holistic Sanctuary Astounds The International Medical Community With Remarkable Results In Non-Toxic Drug Detox Therapy

Developers of the “Pouyan Method” have amassed an unequaled record of success with the most powerful addiction cure protocol on the planet.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, March 4, 2014, It is no secret that conventional drug rehab programs fail at least 90% of the time, and often add additional toxins to the body due to the medications used. All that is changed thanks to the innovative and ground-breaking results achieved by The Holistic Sanctuary of Baja, California. Their researchers have developed a drug addiction cure called the “Pouyan Method”, which has introduced the world to a new paradigm in Heroin addiction treatment and other addictive drug detox treatments.

They have been able to achieve a remarkable track record of success with even the most potent of addictive drugs, such as: Heroin, Alcohol, Opiates, Suboxone, Oxycontin, Methadone, Cocaine, Speed and others. What is most remarkable about their protocol is the use of organic and all natural herbs and therapies. Once thought to be an impossible task at drug and alcohol rehabs, The Holistic Sanctuary has been able to indeed reverse Brain Damage, and restore brain cells to their healthy pre-addicted state.

The goal of The Holistic Sanctuary is to completely heal their clients, not to replace their addictions with new addictive medications, or to send them to 12-step meetings that seldom work over the long term. This is true and proven opiate withdrawal help. What has been proven to be most effective in the battle against drug addiction is the treatment of the root cause. When the “Pouyan Method” was revealed to the world, some Physicians at drug treatment centers thought it was too good to be true. Now that it has been proven as the most effective drug rehab protocol available anywhere, many Physicians are attempting to duplicate the protocol, but have not been successful.

The use of addictive drugs causes damage to the human body at a cellular level, This affects all internal organs as well as the brain. The Holistic Sanctuary is the only healing center in the world to attack drug addictions with a systemic approach. They will locate and then resolve the underlying cause of the addiction, then safely detox all narcotic residue from the body without using prescriptive chemical agents. The brain is treated to a special selection of natural agents to repair damaged cells at a molecular level, and restore functioning to its pre-addicted state.

A vital aspect of this therapeutic approach is the reprogramming of the addicts brain to bring an end to negative thought patterns. This is followed with the former addict learning a new completely holistic lifestyle. Many patients who have experienced the “Pouyan Method” describe it as being born again with a new lease on life, and the ability to feel the joy of living that had eluded them for so long.

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