Conner Partners Announces Strategy Execution Approach for Healthcare Reform

Applying strategy execution to transformational challenges in healthcare produces concrete results.

BOCA RATON, FL, March 11, 2014 — A recent special on 21st Century Television noted the tremendous changes occurring in many companies due to healthcare reform. Drawing on his 40 years of experience in the area of managing strategic change, Daryl Conner, the chairman and founder of Conner Partners, observed, “Most senior leaders have a pretty good handle on what they need to change. The problem comes after you create the strategies. The real challenge is how to execute those strategies in a way that ensures you can deliver the full value of the new strategy.”

The Conner Partners feature story will air on CNBC on March 12, 2014 at 11:30pm (PT).

Adding to the discussion, Janice Darling, Senior Consultant at Conner Partners, commented concerning the healthcare changes, “Everything is changing from a safe, profitable, stable environment to one where everything is up for grabs.” Healthcare reform is, of course, not the only challenge facing companies today, as the program made clear.

During the broadcast, Stephen Maye stated, “Strategy execution is a major focus of the talented team at Conner Partners. Companies struggling with major strategic change or with effective implementation of their most critical strategic goals can contact Conner Partners to learn more about successfully leading strategic change.” Conner ended his comments by stating, “Transformational change can never be made easy; however, it can be made doable.”

As he announced the publishing of the interview, 21st Century Television Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, stated, “Healthcare reform is one of the key challenges of the day for corporate America. We are excited to introduce our viewers to Conner Partners as a significant resource to help deal with this timely issue.”

About Conner Partners

Conner Partners is an advisory firm of dedicated professionals who specialize in the most difficult types of strategic change. The firm offers deep expertise in executing—and realizing the full intent of—strategic transformational change. Conner Partners’ senior practitioners share a remarkable commitment to their work and, most importantly, to their clients and their clients’ success.

Founded in 1974 by Daryl R. Conner, Conner Partners has worked with over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as numerous U.S. and international governing bodies, enabling them to successfully navigate large-scale transformations and critical strategic initiatives. Conner Partners is regarded for its deep expertise, research-based insights, standard-setting methodologies, and its unique way of relating to leaders.  The firm works with a select number of clients each year that are taking on major and challenging initiatives—changes that are business imperatives, are transformational in nature, and must deliver the promised results.

Daryl Conner is an internationally recognized leader in organizational change and serves as an advisor and mentor to senior executives around the globe. He grounds his work on a strong foundation of research and extensive consulting. He has authored two books—Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos—and more than 250 publications, including journal and magazine articles, monographs, book chapters, and videos. Daryl’s blog, Change Thinking, is written for change management professionals who want to raise the level of their game and that of the field of change execution.

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