Couple’s Belongings Held as Ransom

After months of being held for ransom by a moving and storage company, a couple and their belongings are reunited.

More than six months after Kim and Dave Lague moved to Ontario from Nova Scotia they have been reunited with their belongings. Last August, the couple hired Montreal-based Mega Moving and Storage to move and store their belongings while they relocated to southern Ontario. They say their furniture was held as ransom by the moving company. For the moving and three months of storage, Mega Moving quoted them a price of $1,695. When Lague contacted the company with the new address, Mega Moving said the prices had gone up thousands more.

$5,000 and eight months later, the Lagues still did not have their belongings. Since December, the truck containing their belongings, including specialized medical equipment, had been sitting in a Montreal-area leasing company’s parking lot. The Lagues have been living out of suitcases the whole time. “I stressed to them from the start, you have all my medical stuff that helps me live my daily life,” said Kim in February. “I even got to the point where I wrote an e-mail and said you can keep the money, furniture, clothes … please give us our private personal stuff and walk away. These people just have no concept of what they’ve done!”

In mid-November, Mega Moving said they would return 80% of the couple’s belongings if they paid $4,000 in cash. They complied, as they were desperate to have their belongings back yet nothing was returned. The company said they were having “business problems” and the delay was due to “bad management on our side.” Mega Moving’s owners asked Ali Pazouki, owner of Elegance Leasing in Montreal, to hold onto their moving truck while they sorted out some financial troubles. Mega Moving had been leasing the truck from his company for the past two or three years. “They were past due on their payments. Because it’s a big truck and the insurance was due and the plate was expiring, we offered them to bring it us and [put it in] storage and leave it with us for the time being, so they can update their payments,” said Pazouki. Pazouki said he informed CBC News that he had the Lagues’ belongings.


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