Offers a Series of Benefits for the Employers and the Employees

SkillStrings.Com is a unique career platform designed to help job seekers by making the job applications process simple and hassle free.

Regardless of which side of the recruiting table you are seated, there is some great news coming up. SkillStrings.Com, a specially designed career tool, promises to change the recruiting scene dramatically for both candidates and employers through what is described by the administrators as a virtual strings concept.

In many ways, it can be visualized as a unification of the yesteryears job boards and the social media interactivity of today. Skillstrings.Com boasts of some truly innovative and effective features like video profile, interview room, and specialized recruitment tools that promise a well-organized and professionally managed recruitment process which has the potential to increase productivity across the board.

Candidates who are looking at professionally managed platforms to ‘help me find a job’ will surely benefit from this unique concept in multiple ways. “Job seekers can gain access to a real time information network that is sure to cause a substantive shift in the present day employee-employer power equation”, according to the website spokesperson. “At this point, the process of finding a new job is uncertain and beset with constant insecurities and unnecessary delays. This can lead to long periods or unemployment and loss of productivity. We hope to change all that”.

Skillstrings.Com helps candidates connect quickly with those likely to be in the market for their skills and special talent. Job applications for relevant openings can be made faster and the selection process can be accelerated through video interviews and other advanced tools. You can keep the job search focused and targeted with access to more job listings that match your profile. You can project the high quality of your candidature and make a difference with a 90 second video which gives your recruiters and employers a glimpse of your inherent skills and employment potential.

With Skillstrings.Com, you are assured of an actual, as opposed to an automated, response for every job you apply for. This is a great way to prevent your resume from getting lost in the mire of applications that land on the recruiter’s table. According to the website, you can update recruiters and hiring managers in your network about the changes in your profile and status with a few simple clicks.

One of the biggest advantages of signing up with Skillstrings.Com is that interaction between recruiters and job consultants becomes easier with emails, online chats, and video interviews helping candidates simplify the process. Your ‘help me find a job’ request is most likely to be met here more effectively than anywhere else. You can view your interview appointments and stay organized by using the built-in calendar. is not just for job aspirants. There’s lots of stuff available for independent recruiters and employers. Recruiters can benefit by connecting with the targeted group of skilled candidates. They can simplify the process of recruitment by easy scheduling of interactions for candidates’ screening. The portal offers tools that help them move the candidates through the qualification process quickly by using the interactive video facility.

Employers can register on Skillstrings.Com and use the one-stop platform to manage all the hiring activities with a greater degree of efficiency and control. The portal makes it easy for employers to communicate with all the members of their recruitment team and eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies that creep up in the hiring process. It becomes easier for employers to add locations to their profile to improve administration and for better management of their account.

About SkillStrings.Com:

SkillStrings is a complete career platform designed for better networking and interaction among job seekers and employers. Both recruiters and candidates can use the portal to form relevant connections based on their skill specifications. The portal offers a series of exciting features, the most interesting being the ability to add video to profiles and a video interviewing facility.

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