Patients From The Holistic Sanctuary Report Being Cured Of Heroin & Opiate Addiction

“At The Holistic Sanctuary, we cure addiction, period. We heal the brain — the very organ assaulted by alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications and other toxic chemicals. And, regardless of which chemical damaged a person’s brain, our mission is clear: To restore harmony and balance, so a guest can regain their health, function freely and properly, and enjoy a second chance at life.”
While the main-stream medical establishment claims that there is no cure for Heroin and Opiate Addiction, former addicts are living proof that there is a cure, and it is at The Holistic Sanctuary.

BAJA, CALIFORNIA, April 01, 2014, It is remarkable that Physicians have the audacity to tell people that Heroin and Opiate Addiction are incurable diseases. They think that the best way to handle drug addicts is to prescribe more addictive drugs to control their cravings for illegal drugs. Does it make any sense at all to continue this practice with no end in sight? Is it because there is a profit to be made by the continued prescribing of these addictive legal drugs? If a patient is on a prescription like Suboxone for years, somebody is turning a continuous profit. Multiply that by thousands of drug abusers who are being prescribed these drugs and it is painfully obvious what is going on.

Meanwhile, former addicts swear by the methods used at a facility in Baja California called The Holistic Sanctuary. The medical establishment refuses to recognize this facility because they use all-natural therapies. They reject the mainstream’s assertion that prescription drugs must be used to control withdrawal symptoms. This is like “Dumb and Dumber”. So they are controlling withdrawal symptoms from Heroin and Opiates while addicting the patient to a prescription drug. Did they ever consider the fact that when and if this prescription drug is withdrawn, there will be withdrawal symptoms?

How many people must walk out of The Holistic Sanctuary healed and given a new lease on life before they are given the credit they deserve for the medical miracles they are performing on a daily basis? The Video Testimonials state the case very succinctly. People are astonished that they do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and they feel like they have a new shot at enjoying life drug-free for the first time in years.

So what is it that works so well at this facility that is different than the run-of-the-mill treatment centers? Medical personnel there are skilled in the use of a combination of therapies and modalities that not only detox the body, but actually reverse brain damaged caused by drugs. That’s right, brain cells are repaired and replaced by this novel approach to Heroin and Opiate Addiction Treatment. The “before-and-after” brain scans of patients treated with this all-natural method illustrates damaged cells being repaired, restoring the brain back to its pre-addicted state. The proof is in the scans.

Plant Extracts and Herbs from Africa and Peru are used to gently help the addict kick-the-habit with few or no withdrawal symptoms. Then there are plant extracts that are used to expand the awareness of the patient in order for them to have a great period of introspection, giving them insight into why they turned to drugs in the first place. Once they understand the root of their problem, they can “purge” it from their psyche, and begin rebuilding their thought patterns in a positive manner.

The protocol used by The Holistic Sanctuary is called The “Pouyan Method”, which means: “The Seekers Method”, and was developed by the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny The Healer. Johnny has seen phenomenal results through the use of plant based medicines, such as Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, in combination with custom complementary medicine and other proven therapies, such as: Chelation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Super Foods, Ionic Sea Salt Baths, Reiki/Chigong/Pranic Healing, Amino Acid and Vitamin IV Drips, Sauna and Massage Therapy, Daily Motivational Therapy, and fresh organic meals cooked by a professional chef.

Johnny had this to say during a recent interview: “The common sense here is let food be thy medicine, not toxic Suboxone, Methadone and Xanax. All drug rehabs and so-called expert addiction doctors use only toxic drugs. If you see the arsenal they offer, it’s talk therapy and more drugs, toxic drugs that cause more harm. When you walk into a drug rehab center for heroin addiction, the first thing they do is give you addictive drugs. They get you off illegal drugs and quickly put you on legal drugs, but both drugs are toxic. If you walk into The Holistic Sanctuary, you will be taken off heroin in 3 hours, permanently, with no pain and no withdrawals. Then the following 7 -10 days is spent resting the brain.”

Anyone seeking to explore the “Pouyan Method” and The Holistic Sanctuary for themselves or for a loved one is encouraged to visit: or call (323) 606-9904.

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