YESCiGS Releases New Range Of Ego E-Cigarettes With Latest Technology and Features

YESCiGS have released several new Ego E-Cigarettes that use the latest technology to enhance the ways in which smokers can get the best from these digital cigarette systems.

E-cigarettes are catching on quickly, and as traditional cigarette use continues its steady decline, e-cigarettes have grown exponentially in popularity. This is not surprising to early adopters, who recognised immediately the value of carrying more than a pack of cigarettes worth of smoking into a single cigarette sized device and being able to smoke it indoors and in public. YESCiGS were one of the first distributors to actively promote their use, and has now released the next generation of Ego electronic cigarette for sale to help more users than ever get the best smoking experience.

The Ego ecig T2 cartomizer has an enlarged capacity over previous models and is capable of holding even greater amounts of e-liquid, made of high quality, leak proof materials to ensure its longevity in use. The new Ego battery pack also features an LCD screen that indicates both the existing battery level and the number of puffs taken in an e-cigarette so help users better regulate their habit.

The new Ego T2 range is still compatible with all ego accessories including car chargers and soft cases so that Ego users need not replace their full suite of products but simply upgrade the e-cig itself, while more accessories are being planned exclusively for the T2.

A spokesperson for YESCiGS explained, “The new range of Ego cigarettes represents a genuine leap forward in e-cig technology and shows that the industry is moving increasingly away from replicating the look and feel of traditional combustible cigarettes and is instead looking forward to how the new vaporization technology can be optimized for a unique experience that is in every way superior to conventional smoking. Best of all, the products we have on offer are far cheaper than many of the so-called premium brands that are inferior in performing the actual tasks required of an e-cigarette, making these a recommended smoking replacement product both for price and performance.”

About YESCiGS: YESCiGS was created in 2010 and dealt exclusively in ‘real looking’ e-cigarettes because as an obvious and advantageous alternative to tobacco. Now the website plays host to a range of more stylish vaporisers and a wide variety of e-cigarette liquid flavours, all made in the UK to guarantee quality to the end user. The site regularly updates with new devices and flavours and provides unbeatable value. For more information, please visit:

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