LetThemShine.net Launches LED Grow Lights Web Portal Featuring The Finest Quality LED Components

Plants & Vegetables can flourish anywhere and in any climate with these new second-generation LED Grow Lights. Programmable grow lights will expose the garden to the correct amount of light for maximum growth.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, April 4, 2014, Seasons change, and this affects the growth of plants and vegetables in a big way. Now people can control their own seasons thanks to the LED Grow Lights by LetThemShine.net. Their new LED Grow Lights Web Portal features a great selection of LED Powered Grow Lights. This is the second-generation of the grow light concept. No more Metal Halide lamps, as the new LED technology represents the cutting-edge in indoor and greenhouse gardening.

LetThemShine.net has become the go-to place for indoor grow lights featuring the LED technology that translates to lower operating costs, less heat emissions and longer lasting light modules. Natural Sunlight is not always in an abundant supply. If an alternative is needed to natural sunlight in order to make the plants and vegetables grow tall and strong, LED grow lights are the high power alternative for a great source of artificial light. This is a light source that will give the plants and flowers the light they need to grow and bloom without the high energy bills.

The new SolarStorm is one of the most powerful LED based grow lights on the market. It features a 160 high-power 5 watt LED Emitter for a total nominal power of 800 watts. During an average grow cycle, one could expect the SolarStorm to consume 50% less power as compared to a 1,000W HPS/MH system while delivering excellent results. The SolarFlare grow light series features 40 high quality, high power 5 watt LEDs for a total nominal power of 200 watts (40 x 5). However, in order to maintain the long life of their LED emitters (80,000+ hours) they don’t drive them to their absolute maximum 5W power. The actual power consumption of a SolarFlare unit is typically around 165 Watts which offers over 50% power savings over a 400W HPS/MH unit.

LetThemShine.net reports that their LED grow lights use only premium LEDs made in the U.S. and Europe. They do not use the cheaper Chinese LEDs. The rated life on all of their LEDs is over 50,000 hours (more like 80,000 hours.) This equals from 12 to 15 years of normal grow cycles. The SolarFlare is designed to cover a 3X3 grow area, similar to a 400 watt HPS light. The SolarStorm covers up to a 5X5 space (4X4 is recommended for flowering) similar to a 1000 watt HPS light.

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