Online Furniture Retailer Factory EStores Breaks Monthly Sales Record by 88%

Online furniture retailer Factory EStores breaks monthly sales record by 88% with a November haul that included Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The company expects December sales to surpass the previous monthly sales record. A large part of their success is due to their unique company culture that provides employees with a creative working environment.

Monthly revenues continue to grow month after month since its founding, starting with the company’s co-owners hard work and a small start-up investment. On the outside, their attention to customer service has generated their sales and reputation, with a large number of customers returning to the retailer.

Internally, Factory EStores’ unique culture has allowed the company to thrive. The relaxed, creative atmosphere of the downtown Orlando office provides the groundwork for employees, who call themselves Factorians, to grow and develop within the company.

“Factory EStores’ commitment to employee satisfaction is what has driven our incredible growth since inception. Without employees feeling happy and productive, your business can only go so far,” said Will Royall, CEO of Factory EStores. “We organize company events and encourage employees to speak their minds about how things are being run at the office. So far, it has paid great dividends.”

Factory EStores continues to add staff, including interns, and is anticipating hiring 2-3 new members per month through 2013. While adding to their team, the company keeps the atmosphere and personalities of current Factorians in mind.

Employees are efficient and productive at Factory EStores because of the stress-free environment and ability to collaborate together on projects while also owning their own work. Several amenities found in the office are a Kegerator, a dart board and several arcade games. Employees can also listen to music on their computers or iPods to get their creative juices flowing.

“Creating a work environment of people with similar interests, hobbies and passions makes going to work every day seem more like gathering with friends to share ideas. You know that when you express your ideas or suggest different ways to do things, you’ll be listened to,” said Katie Humphreys, Brand Voice Manager. “Many can’t say the same of their own companies, which places a high value on how we see each other and our work.”

Their last major company outing was a paintball competition in October with Royall Advertising (with whom they share an office) and Discovery World Furniture, one of their furniture vendors. In early December the Factory EStores team went out after work to celebrate their record-breaking sales from November and the Black Friday shopping period. The next company event is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

In addition to keeping their current employees happy, the company is adding 4 full-time jobs this month, including positions for Public Relations, Finance, Web Design and Product On-Boarding.

Many of the employees with Factory EStores are graduates of University of Central Florida and Stetson University, CEO Will Royall’s Alma Mater. Because of the rich and collaborative culture of the company, some of the employees are engaged and involved with each other outside the office.

Factory EStores’ growth is expected to continue. With the company moving into a new 6,400 square foot office in downtown Orlando, the future is looking bright for Factory EStores.

About Factory EStores:

Factory EStores is an online furniture retailer that connects consumers directly to the manufacturer of name-brand products, saving them hundreds and thousands of dollars in retailer and distributor markups. The company’s philosophy is based on saving their customers money and hassle by letting them buy direct without membership to any club. The company also provides rebates in the form of Factory Cash Back Rewards that allows customers to extend their purchases by 3% further for their loyalty. Their tagline “Shop Smarter” really drives it home.

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