Lazar Cartu Donates 720k USD to United Nations Relief Fund

Each year Lazar Cartu of Beverly Hills, California, donates huge amounts of money to a wide variety of children group homes, public shelters, adult education programs, and other social welfare benefit projects.

The UN Relief Fund were pleased when Mr. Cartu transferred his focus from his own personal local philanthropic efforts to assisting the organization’s global efforts with a private donation of $720k USD to support the United Nation’s disaster relief program.

Mr. Cartu’s pinnacle focus is taking business concepts from pre-production stages to implementation by helping raise 100’s of millions of dollars for startup corporations.  When Lazar Cartu isn’t setting the financial corporate environment alight with progressive technology, his leisure time is committed actively to raising funds for charity and making financial contributions of his own to improve society. According to close friend Richard Michaels, who runs the Lazar Cartu Foundation, “Lazar Cartu cares more about giving money away than he does making or saving it”.

According to Lazar Cartu, the United Nations is special to him due to both it’s reach and diversity.  “Every nation in the world knows they can count on the U.N. to help combat natural and man-made disasters, provide health care, food and shelter, educational facilities and more”  says Lazar Cartu while explaining his motivation to get involved with the organization.

“Not just individuals, but entire nations around world count on the United Nations Relief Program for help during their most difficult hours, thus contributions comparable to those given by Mr. Cartu are significant to the organizations continued service to society” says Allan Walker, a veteran fundraiser and active volunteer on behalf of the United Nations.

With over 21 million active volunteers operating in over 187 countries, the U.N. actively responds to approximately 350,000 natural and man-made disasters worldwide where they provide health care, food, shelter, and other essentials meaning that each and every financial contribution is vital and needed to continue the non-profit organizations work.

Lazar Cartu who’s a consistent contributor to the U.N. is allowing essential work to continue locally in the United States and abroad in effort to assist folks deal with sudden life changing events, but the United Nations needs more donations to allow them to help others in their hour of need.

Please browse to the United Nations website where you can find out more information to get involved with their various charitable programs by contributing time, money, and/or resources.

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